What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build26

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  • Internal Preprocessor
    This version is highly extended over the previous. Now it is possible to write internal preprocessors for ScriptBasic. These are C programs compiled to a DLL or SO library that can be loaded by ScriptBasic during processing the source code. Such a program can alter the compilation behavior of ScriptBasic or can gain statistical information from the source.

    This feature was planned for more than two years and was requested by many users.

  • Debugger
    The first ever sample preprocessor implements a command-line debugger. It allows the programmer to run a program in debugger mode. If you use the Eszter SB Application Engine in command line mode you can even debug CGI programs. Later versions will make possible to debug real CGI programs.

  • Enhanced Array Handling
    Now you can use multidimensional arrays in a new way. From now on the notation var[i1][i2]...[in] is also allowed. This is especially important when you want to handle a multidimensional array that has both normal and associative indices. For example a[3] {"peach"} is now possible.

  • Enhanced Var Memory Handling
    Former versions of ScriptBasic had problems when an array element was passed to a function or subroutine by reference and the array was released while the subroutine was active. This resulted memory fault. Now this is eliminated and a new command ref is introduced. For more information read the Users' Guide.

  • Renewed Documentation
    Documentation methodology and documentation format was changed. This will hopefully result more up-to-date documents and a wider variety of available format. These formats are: PostScript, PDF, html, split html, compiled html and some of these in compressed downloadable format.

    The discovered bugs of the previous build were corrected.

    Jeff Ash at Charles Sturt University on page wrote:
    Have a look at the ScriptBasic site which shows one example of a splash page. Notice how the image and content of the page is kept to a minimum to facilitate fast loading, yet its appearance catches the eye.

    I am proud. Thank you.

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