What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build21

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There are two new modules in build21. These are Regular Expression module and MySQL interface module.

With the regular expression module you can compare strings against regular expressions and you can also perform regular expression search and replace, similar to the functionality of the Perl =~s operator.

With the MySQL module you can connect to MySQL databases from UNIX as well as from Windows NT.

The interpreter itself was not changed except some bug fixes and that the external module interface was extended supporting a lot of new call-back functions.

There is a new command reference that can be used to easily look up commands and functions.


    include and import and module commands did not work well when there was more than one directory specified and the file was not found. They drove ScriptBasic into infinite loop. A similar bug was in the preload configuration command.

    The configuration compiler has died when a key had zero string value.

    When a module was loaded from binary format the file was not closed and this exhausted the operating system file handles in multi-thread implementations.


    In this build the ISAPI version does not handle the cache.

    There is an error that prevents OPEN to handle the a file with mode Append.

    ScriptBasic does not run on Windows95. Use Windows98 or NT. You may also try to copy the file ADVAPI32.DLL from a Win98 system to your Win95, but you do it at your own risk.

    There is a memory leak when the command OPTION is used in a BASIC program. This bug can usually be ignored by applications that use the standalone version.

    When reading the configuration RegOpenKeyEx is called but no call to RegCloseKey. This is loosing a single handle. This should not cause problem even in multithread application. The only case is when a multithread implementation reads the configuration several times and only on Win32 platforms.

    The file thread.c contains code that looses handles when mutexes are used. This may cause problem in multithread implementations only.

    Tomasz.Lacki Tomasz.Lacki@primark.pl found a bug on 2001.01.11.
    I've found and fixed a little bug in scriba_CallArgEx at the end there is a need for memory_ReleaseVariable(pProgram->pEXE->pMo,vReturn); otherwise memory leaks appear.

    Report of any bug is appreciated.

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