What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build 17

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This build achieves may new features:
  • For the Windows platforms there is an ISAPI version of the interpreter that delivers extreme speed. This version keeps the compiled intermediate code in memory and bypasses not only the reading, lexical, syntax analysys and building, but also the cache file loading. It just runs.
  • Extensions can now implement external commands, not only external functions. The external commands are more complex to program, but are more flexible and can do more things.
  • You can compile a version of ScriptBasic that unimplements some built-in commands. The new version remains compatible with the actual build, but does not contain the code for the functions you have excluded. This is needed for some implementations where ScriptBasic runs code loaded over the net.
  • You can import files instead of include. import is the same as include but does not load any file already included or imported.
  • Third party developers can write preprocessors for ScriptBasic. There is an experimental interface to preprocessors after the code has been loaded, before lexical analysis.

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