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Here you can find slide shows with real audio voice that give you introductory information on ScriptBasic. We plan to deliver more and more such tutorials to ease learning and use of ScriptBasic.

To see the slides and listed to the voice first click on the link named AUDIO. When the real player starts click on the link named SLIDES in the same line to get to the toc of the presentation. In case there is a slow link somewhere between you and our server download may be slow. In such a situation you are requested to press the pause button to wait for the first picture and press play to listen to the text, when the picture is downloaded.

To listen to the presentation off-line you can download the real audio file (right mouse click and select Save As on the link AUDIO) and you can also download the PowerPoint97 presentation using the link named PPT.

The presentations are prepared before the audio file is ready so you may see some broken links. Also check the mirror site. The audio files may be uploaded between builds as they are ready.

How to use these presentations
AUDIO SLIDES PPT How to use these presentations? 497KB 9min

Introduction to ScriptBasic
AUDIO SLIDES PPT Introduction to ScriptBasic, what it is, why do we need a new BASIC language interpreter. 1.4MB 12min

Language Features
AUDIO SLIDES PPT Introduction to the language features. 2MB 17min

Memory Management
AUDIO SLIDES PPT Introduction to memory management. 848KB, 14min

Main modules
AUDIO SLIDES PPT How ScriptBasic works, what steps lead to program execution. 665KB, 11min

Symbol table
AUDIO SLIDES PPT The symbol table handlign module 870K,7min 26sec

Embeddign ScriptBasic
AUDIO SLIDES PPT How to embed ScriptBasic into an application. 1.45MB,25min

Syntax analysis
AUDIO SLIDES PPT How the syntax analysis of ScriptBasic works. 2.1MB,35min

Multi-thread implementation of ScriptBasic
AUDIO SLIDES PPT How to write multi-thread modules for ScriptBasic 2MB, 35min

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