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This is ScriptBasic v2.0.1 official home page. You can get a short introductions on ScriptBasic, you can download the compiled version of program as well as the source code and documentation.

Use the menu items on the left to navigate.

[MAIN] is this page

[News] tells you what is new in the current build

[Intro] gives a general introduction.

[Features] in Short describes tha main architectural features of ScriptBasic, so you can decide if it is worth trying.

[Download] ScriptBasic leads you to the download page where you can download the source, the exe and the documentation.

[Installation] Instruction describes how to install the program.

[Support] helps you to get support in case you are lost in the mud. Subscribe to the ScriptBasic mailing list!

[Support+] is professional, commercial support

[Docu] mentation you can download the available documents and view them on-line

[Tutorial] slide shows with audio in RealAudio

[Bugs] describe the known bugs update

[Mirror] describes how to mirror ScriptBasic (any volunteer?)

[Authors] of the program of the program, in case you want to know who we are...

[Future] development some words about what we think we want to do

[License] conditions (it is free anyway, but not that free. need not pay)

[Subscribe] to the mailing list

p.v.c, the author.

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