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You can download compiled code for Linux and Win32 platforms and source for all platforms. The source code is common for all platforms including Win32. You can download the source in two formats. The difference is mainly in packaging.

While downloading the code subscribe to the ScriptBasic mailing list to get on-line support to install and use ScriptBasic.

scriba-v2.0b1-source.tar.gz UNIX source
Precompiled binaries for Linux may be available later
WIN32 source including documentation Win32 binaries and documentation Win32 SETUP.EXE package
DOCUMENTS full documentation set in html. full documentation set Microsoft Compiled html format. full documentation set in texi.
samplebas.tgz (45 bytes) sample BASIC programs extracted from the documentation samplebas
Visio GTK module and Socket Module from Peter Van Eerten

The Win32 files are created using WinZIP. Some users face problems uncompressing these files using PKZIP. Do use WinZIP to uncompress the files.

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