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ScriptBasic is alive and is actively supported. If you have a look at the mailing list archive

you can realize that with some very few exceptions all questions are answered in a day. Click on the link above now and subscribe to the mailing list! To get answer to your questions has two prior conditions:

  1. You have to subscribe to the list to be able to receive the mails sent to the list. Also due to recent increased spam activity you have to subscribe to the list prior to sending a message to the list.
  2. You have to send your question to the list to get answer. Obvious? Usually it is. This is a friendly list, with only a few number of people (about 100 or so).

Up to now the traffic of the list is small, there are only one or two mails in a month, thus there is no reason to be afraid to subscribe. The list is managed by mailman, thus it is easy to unsubscribe in case you want. To ensure fairness, if you have problem unsubscribing later, drop a mail to me at peter AT asking for removal and I will remove you without any further question.

The list delivers announcements from the developer, questions and answers from the users (and the developers).

Thus go to the list page and subscribe to the list.

You may also be lucky to meet me on IRC, weekdays, worktime CET.

In case the informal open source support is not appropriate for your project and you need commercial support read on about Support+ services from EMMANET.

If you want to become a sponsor of ScriptBasic drop a mail to and we will discuss the details. (Well no one mentioned it in a year so I think I was stupid printing it here. Now this line is a monument of my stupidity.)

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