What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build25

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Bug fixes

Since build24 was released quite a number of bugs were reported by users. All these bugs were corrected and some more.

Faster execution

The code that implements mathematical functions and operators were reviewed and polished. The result is faster execution on one hand and OPTION driven behavior on the other. Up to build24 division by zero resulted undef value. Now programs may set the option OPTION RaiseMathError to get an error instead of the undef value. For further information please read the users' guide.

JAPI=Graphical User Interface

There is a new module japi that allows the ScriptBasic programmer to have graphical user interface. This is totally portable and runs fin on Windows NT as well as as under UNIX. To use the module the Java Runtime Environment has to be installed.

ScriptBasic developers actually did not develop the graphical user interface only the interface functions that are calling the Java AWT functions, this there are not too much documentation about the module japi inside the ScriptBasic project. To get detailed information on the the graphical interface programming please visit the site www.japi.de after reading the short documentation on the module. Read the documentation for more information on this module.

More powerful NT module

The module nt was developed further. The two new functions allow a program to shut down an NT workstation or server and to get the list of the processes that currently run on the NT. Read the documentation for more information on this module.

Module static linking

Up to now special application of ScriptBasic required delivery of several files. Namely the interpreter and the external modules that the application uses in a well configured directory. Now you can compile ScriptBasic to link some of the modules static. This will allow you to deliver your application in a single executable without worriing about the external modules. For example the Eszter SB Application Engine is now delivered linked together with the CGI and the MT module.

Linking static modules eventually requires some alteration of the code. For further information read the Users' guide.

Changed directory structure under UNIX

The setup directories on Linux has been changed to accomodate the Linux conventions better. Putting all the stuff under the diretory /etc was a stupid choice of me clearly showing my poor Linux/UNIX experience.

Debian and RPM package

The DEBIAN package now contains the binary for the interpreter variations as well as for the external modules.

You can access the ScriptBasic interpreter as RedHat package, binary and source.

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