What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build18

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This build achieves many new features:
  • There are three new modules implemented. These are:
    • Zlib module that can compress and uncompress any string or can handle gzipped files.
    • Hash module that allows the BASIC programmer to handle hashes in memory.
    • GD module that helps you easily generate PNG pictures.
  • External preprocessors can be configured and are automatically executed by ScriptBasic. In case you want to use this feature read the manual carefully to learn how to configure the preprocessors. Internal preprocessors are still in experimental state and will change in the future. However external preprocessors are powerful and easy to implement. The example provided with the code allows you to write HTML embedded basic code similar to Microsoft Active Server Pages basic scripts. But it also works on any UNIX. The fine point is that the preprocessor is written in ScriptBasic as well.
  • New string handling functions were introduced like Instr, Replace and so on. Read the manual for further information.
  • Cache handling is fine tuned. Now you should be very unlucky to have two different files with two different names using the same cache file. Old version cache files created by earlier version of ScriptBasic do not cause problem any more.
  • The binary format files now inherit the start line under UNIX. This means that you can start the internal binary format version without writing scriba in front of it. This also means that you can deliver your CGI application without the source code.
  • Bug fixes. (If you know any more, please report.)
Known bugs:
  • syntaxer.pl creates defined symbols that contain the $ sign. This causes problem under Solaris as it was reported by Martin Renner. We have incorporated his fix and will be available in build19. Until that you can apply
    #diff syntaxer.pl syntaxer.pl_old
    <     $kw =~ s/\$/S/g;
    to syntaxer.pl
  • scriba does not run on Windows 98/95. This is because the command set file owner uses a Windows NT system call that Windows 98/95 do not implement. We are working on the solution and a fix will be available in the next build.
Report of any other bug is appreciated.

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