What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build24

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There are new modules delivering even more functions.

cio module supporting Console Input Output function for Windows NT console. Using this module you are able to write colored output, wait for single keystroke, capture CRTL-C pressed on the keyboard and many more functions. Read the documentation for more information on this module.

The module nt has been developed. The new function allows the programmer to display a Windows standard message box on the screen and get the answer (YES/NO/OK/CANCEL...) from the client. Read the documentation for more information on this module.

The module mt has been finished. In the current version you can use the module mt to write fully functional web programs, keeping session and application global variables in the application engine memory, handle session timeout. Read the documentation for more information on this module.

A new module tools delivers handy functions under UNIX as well as Windows NT. Read the documentation for more information on this module..

The variation Eszter SB Application Engine was developed. Now it can be be started as a Windows NT service under Windows 2000 and can be used to execute BASIC programs in worker threads. These programs are started when the engine is started and can run as long as the engin runs. They can perform several tasks, like session timeout handling, various system management tasks and so on.

There was a slight bug fixed in the syntax analyzer that prevented the correct handling of module names of a single character.

The search algorithm that tries to find an external module was extended under Windows NT. Now if it does not finds a module in the configured 'modules' directory (most probably because there is no 'modules' directory configured) then it tries to load the module from the same directory where the executable is and finally from the bin\..\modules directory. This greatly eases the delivery of standalone CD delivered applications that can be executed without any configuration or registry setting.

The DEBIAN package now contains the binary for the interpreter variations as well as for the external modules.

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