What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build23 patch 1

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There is a new patch available. This is a feature patch only for W2K only including no bug fixes.

Downloading and installing this patch over the released version v1.0b23 will allow installing the sbhttpd Eszter SB Engine as a Windows NT service. For more information download the patch and read the file scriba-v10b23p1-readme.txt.

What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build23

New modules NT and UX that support Windows NT and UNIX specific functions. They are obviously not portable and are available only for the specific platform. (for, chmod for UNIX and registry editing for NT)

New built-in command EXECUTE that starts an external program and waits for its completion. You can specify maximum wait time, can access the exit code if the external program finished. If the program does not stop an error is raised that the program can catch using ON ERROR GOTO and the pid is accessible. (You can use the command KILL to kill the process or let it run.)

The command line version process exit code is the last non-caught error code.

New assignment commands +=, -=, *=, /=, \= and &=.

Greatly enhanced source documentation for external module writers.

Multi-thread extension support developed.

New module MT that supports multi-thread execution and provides "global" process variables, session handling, and locking mechanism. (Session timeout and session finalization scripts are not implemented yet.)

Makefile.nt supporting command line compilation under Windows NT using Visual C++ v6.0 (To create smaller source ZIP this makefile is included in the source ZIP instead of the workspace files.)

For Debian Linux user Debian package is available.

Some bug fixes in command LIKE.

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