What is new in ScriptBasic v1.0build20

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In addition to the usual bug fixes ScriptBasic v1.0build20 delivers a major new feature that should excite application developers. This is the new API that makes it ScriptBasic more embeddable than ever before. Using this interface you can use ScriptBasic as a library in your program. You load and run a program with just a few function calls, re-run a program, read and set global variables, call ScriptBasic functions from C passing and retrieving arguments and function return value.

As a sample application to this interface the scribacmd.c main program file has replaced the old basiccmd.c one and the command line version of ScriptBasic is built on the top of this interface.

There is no change in the language or new modules in this build.


    In addition to the bugs already fixed in b19patch1 and 2 two more bugs are fixed. One bug forced ScriptBasic into an infinite loop when you wanted to include a module header file that did not exist. Another bug created the cache file name erroneous that somewhat increased the possibility of file name collision.


    Nothing. (Known at least.)

    Report of any bug is appreciated.

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