2.59. reftest2.bas

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This sample allocates an array as local variable. A global variable referenced by the function argument is set to reference the array. Note that it is not the local variable a is the one that references the array, but rather the global variable that is referenced by a,namely q. If we wanted a to reference the array z then we could use undef a before the ref statement.

When the function returns the array is not released when the local variables are released, because there is a reference to it (variable q) and thje program prints the elements of q.

Example reftest2.bas :

sub test(a)
 local z,i
 for i=1 to 10
  z[i] = i

ref a = z end sub

sub testi(h) test h end sub

testi q

for i=1 to 10 print i,". ",q[i],"\n" next i

Result executing reftest2.bas :

Possible error messages sent to stderr:

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