2.5. gdtest.bas

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This program creates a file `test.png' with some graphics in it.

Example gdtest.bas :

import gd.bas

brush = gd::Create(10,10) white = gd::Color(brush,255,255,255) black = gd::Color(brush,0,240,0) gd::Line brush,0,0,10,10,black gd::Line brush,0,10,10,0,black

' gd::SavePng brush,"brush.png"

image = gd::Create(400,300)

white = gd::Color(image,255,255,255) gd::SetTransparentColor image,white black = gd::Color(image,0,0,0) red = gd::Color(image,255,0,0) blue = gd::Color(image,0,0,255) green = gd::Color(image,0,255,0)

gd::Point image,0,0,black

gd::Rectangle image,200,50,250,100,red gd::FilledRectangle image,225,75,275,125,green

gd::Rectangle image,324,190,376,290,black gd::SetTile image,brush ' caused stack overflow on a fine NT? Should be some poor implementation 'gd::FillToBorder image,325,191,black,gd::Tiled

gd::Circle image,350,50,40,blue gd::FillToBorder image,350,50,blue,green gd::Fill image,201,51,blue

gd::SetBrush image,brush gd::Line image,300,200,300,350,gd::Brushed

gd::SetColor image,black

gd::SetFont image,gd::FontTiny gd::print image,0,0,"THIS PICTURE WAS CREATED FROM ScriptBasic USING THE MODULE GD/PNG" gd::print image,0,10,"x=",gd::SizeX(image)," y=",gd::SizeY(image) gd::print image,100,100,"Tiny ",12*3+55

gd::SetFont image,gd::FontSmall gd::print image,100,120,"Small ",55*63

gd::SetFont image,gd::FontMedium gd::print image,100,150,"Medium ",24/19

gd::SetFont image,gd::FontLarge gd::print image,100,190,"Large ",sin(3.1)

gd::SetFont image,gd::FontGiant gd::print image,100,240,"Giant ",log(1000)

for i=0 to 65 step 5 gd::Line image,i,20,65-i,75 next i

LineStyle[0] = black LineStyle[1] = black LineStyle[2] = undef LineStyle[3] = undef LineStyle[4] = red LineStyle[5] = green LineStyle[6] = blue LineStyle[7] = undef LineStyle[8] = red LineStyle[9] = red

gd::LineStyle image,LineStyle

gd::Line image,0,90,100,90,undef

for i=0 to 65 step 5 gd::Line image,i,100,65-i,165,undef next i

ImagePng = gd::Png(image)

gd::Destroy image

fn = 0 open "test.png" for output as fn binmode fn print#fn,ImagePng undef ImagePng close#fn

print "donez\n"

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