2.47. testcio.bas

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This program tests the console IO capabilities of the module CIO. This is extremely interactive thus here we list only the source code and not the result. The result is actually series of colorful and flashing console screens.

This program is Windows specific and can not be executed under UNIX.

Example testcio.bas :

import cio.bas

cio::SetColor FBlue or BGrey cio::cls i = 1 while 1

if i % 2 Then cio::SetColor FBlue or BGrey Else cio::SetColor FBlue or BIntense End If

Xs = cio::SizeX() Ys = cio::SizeY()

cio::gotoxy 10,23 print "The console size is : ",Xs," ",Ys,"\n" print "The possible maximal sizes are: ",cio::PossibleMaxX()," ",cio::PossibleMaxY(),"\n" print "The actual size is: ",cio::SizeX()," ",cio::SizeY()

cio::SetCursor 50

cio::gotoxy 1,40 for j=1 to 300 cio::SetColor j print "Q" next j

sleep 1 if cio::kbhit() then ch = cio::getch() cio::gotoxy 10,20 print "Key ",ch," was pressed..." if ch = 13 then cio::nobreak if ch = asc("a") then cio::break end if

cio::gotoxy 10,10 print i i += 1 print " " print cio::GetTitle() cio::SetTitle i wend

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