2.22. toolstest.bas

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This program tests two function pairs from the module t. The program creates a three-dimensional array, then converts it to string and saves the string into a file. After the file is loaded into memory and converted back.

Example toolstest.bas :

import t.bas

sub PrintVar(V,level) local i,j

if IsArray(V) Then for i=lbound(V) to ubound(V) print space(level) print i,"->" PrintVar V[i],level+1 next i exit sub end if

print V,"\n" end sub

for i=1 to 5 for j=1 to 5 for k=1 to 5 a[i,j,k] = i*j*k next k next j next i

s = t::Array2StringMD5(a)

t::SaveString "savedarray.bin",s

s = undef

q = t::LoadString("savedarray.bin")

t::String2ArrayMD5 b,q

PrintVar b,1

Result executing toolstest.bas :

Possible error messages sent to stderr:

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