2.15. msgbox.bas

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This program uses the module nt and displays several message boxes. It actually displays all possible message box options, with several buttons, and signs. This program is interactive and thus it is not executed when this document is compiled.

Example msgbox.bas :

import nt.bas

nt::MsgBox """This program test the various text boxes.

In the coming message boxes press the various keys as requested by the text and check on the console window that the program reported the correct button you pressed. (Only initials are printed.) ""","Initial MsgBox"

splita " |ARI|O|RC|YN|YNC" BY "|" TO buttons splita " |W|I|Q|S" BY "|" TO marks

for j=lbound(marks) to ubound(marks)

for i=lbound(buttons) to ubound(buttons)

for d=1 to len(buttons[i]) print i," ",buttons[i]," ",j," ",marks[j]," ",d,"\n" R = nt::MsgBox(buttons[i],marks[j],buttons[i],marks[j],d) print R print

next d next i next j

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