3. Configuration

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The module is not configurable currently. However there are plans introducing configuration options and you can also define connections in the configuration file.

The section of the configuration file important for the MySQL module is under the key mysql. For example:

mysql (
  connections (
    test (        ; the name of the connection
	  host "" ; the host for the connection
	  db "test"   ; database for the connection
	  user "root" ; user for the connection
	  password "" ; password for the connection
	  port 0      ; the port to use
	  socket ""  ; the name of the socket or ""
	  flag 0      ; the client flag

This fragment of the configuration file defines a connection that ScriptBasic programs may use. The parameters of the connections are defined in the configuration file and the BASIC program should only refer to it without knowing the actual host, user, password or other parameters. These are matters of configuration. It is also advisable not to include such sensitive information like a password into the BASIC scripts. What is more: later versions of the module loaded by multithreaded version of the interpreter may keep such configured connections alive and reuse them resulting faster database handling.

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