6.5. First

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value = bdb::First(DB,key)

Get the first value associated with the key in the database DB. The first argument to the function should be a value returned by the function bdb::open. The second argument is the key value. It can be arbitrary string containing ASCII or binary data.

Use this function to retrieve values from databases where there can be more than one values associated with a given key.

If the argument key is missing the function returns the first value from the database and the database cursor is positioned to the first record. If the key specifies a string, which is not present in the database the function positions the database cursor to the first record that follows the specified key and returns the value of the record.

The functions bdb::First and bdb::Get are aliases, they are defined in the `bdb.bas' module header file to point to the same function. You are encouraged to use the one that fits the actual programming task better in terms of readability.

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