6.14. log

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log (
    panic ( file "\\MyProjects\\sb\\httpdlog\\panic.log" span 0)
    app   ( file "\\MyProjects\\sb\\httpdlog\\app.log" span 0)
    err   ( file "\\MyProjects\\sb\\httpdlog\\err.log" span 0)
    hit   ( file "\\MyProjects\\sb\\httpdlog\\hit.log" span 0)
    stat  ( file "\\MyProjects\\sb\\httpdlog\\stat.log" span 0)

These keys define the different log files. These are:

If the engine does not run check the panic log and search for the file `panic.txt'. This file is created in case even the panic log file can not be opened.

The sub-keys panic, hit, stat, app and err also contain sub-keys: file and optionally span. The sub-key file specifies the name of the file. This may contain sprintf formatting %d format strings, at most four. These will get the four-digit year, month, day and the hour (gm time). Note that the current version of the engine does not create the directory and fails writing the statistics file if the directory does not exists.

To create the file name is a time consuming process and therefore the engine needs configuration help to prevent file name recalculation for each log item. Therefore the value of the key span should specify how often the log file is rotated in number of seconds. If this is zero the log file is treated as non rotating and the file name is recalculated at nonspecific times.

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