4.3. Command line options

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All command line options are ignored following the options `–install' and `–remove'. If any of the options `–safe' or `–start' is specified all other options should follow these options.

-p port

This option can be used to override the port that the engine is listening to. If this option is present the port number specified in the configuration file is neglected and the port number specified on the command line is used.

For example:

sbhttpd –start –p 88

will listen on the port 88 even if the configuration file specifies the port 8080.

-h ip address

This option can be used to override the ip number that the http server is bound onto. The address has to be specified with IP number (not name) in the x.x.x.x format.

If you do not specify any IP address and there is also no ip address configured in the configuration file then the http daemon will listen on all available ip numbers of the machine. There can only be a single ip number specified and the ip stack of the machine should be configured so that one of the network cards handle this ip address.

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