4.1. Starting on UNIX

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To start the engine on UNIX you just type


on the command line. This will start the engine in the foreground. This may be needed when you want to debug some CGI scripts. Otherwise you should start the engine in the background saying:

sbhttpd -start

If you have installed the script listed in section Start/Stop Sh Script then the most preferred method is to type

/etc/init.d/sbhttpd start

to start,

/etc/init.d/sbhttpd stop

to stop, and

/etc/init.d/sbhttpd restart

to restart the engine.

In case you experience instability, the Engine crashing then you can start the engine using the command line option

sbhttpd -safe

This option start the engine in the background, but there is also a process remaining in the foreground and in case the real engine process stops the foreground process starts it again and again. Though we did not experience the engine crashing this method may give some way until the bug is localized, reported and we correct it.

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