1. Introduction

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This is the Users’ Guide for the Eszter SB Engine program. This program is a standalone web server that is used to execute ScriptBasic programs.

The Eszter SB Engine is a high performance, special-purpose web server that was developed to execute ScriptBasic scripts fast and efficiently.

The ScriptBasic interpreter can be used to run CGI programs utilizing any widely available general-purpose web servers. That solution is fine for most of the cases. In some cases however a high performance special purpose web server is needed.

Eszter SB Engine is a web server itself so there is no need to have another installed on the machine. You will see later that it is advised to use it together with Apache. Whenever an URL is requested it executes the ScriptBasic program inside the web server process as a separate thread. This kind of execution is extremely efficient and fast.

The single process-multi-thread implementation creates a good possibility to store data in memory between the consecutive hits. This data sharing is supported by the Eszter SB Engine and is delivered by the external module MT.

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