2. Directory Structure

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ScriptBasic is usually developed on a Windows 2000 Professional workstation. Linux is used to test the portability. Files are uploaded via SMB and GNU command line tools are used to build the binaries.

The source of ScriptBasic on the development station is `\MyProjects\sb\source'.

The actual location of the source code root should not affect the building of the source.

The directory structure of the source under this directory is the following:

--- ScriptBasic core C source files,
    def files, command files,
    shell scripts, Perl scripts

commands --- all C source files that implement ScriptBasic commands deb --- Debian package files deb/scriba --- temporary directory that is filled by the script mkdeb.sh when creating a Debian package deb/DEBIAN --- Debian package script files (source, these are copied into deb/scriba when building the package) examples --- example BASIC program files extensions --- module extension files extensions/berkeley_db --- Berkeley DB module extensions/cgi --- CGI module extensions/cio --- Console Input Output module only for Windows NT extensions/gd --- GD module to generate PNG graphics extensions/hash --- hash module extensions/japi --- Interface module to the graphics features of the Java AWT extensions/md5 --- md5 module extensions/mt --- Multi-thread support module with session, locks and global variables extensions/mysql --- MySQL interface extensions/noprint --- Example module that switches off printing extensions/nt --- Special Windows NT module extensions/re --- Regular Expression module extensions/tools --- Tools module extensions/trial --- Example module mainly for test purposes extensions/ux --- Special UNIX module extensions/zlib --- zlib compression module filesdoc --- auxilliary source file documentations gif --- banner.gif file html --- web page HTML source using the jamal preprocessor and ssplit.pl html/texi --- texi.jam documentation source files. Should be processed with jamal.pl first to get texi include --- BASIC include files for the modules preproc --- a sample preprocessor. Note that preprocessor is experimental and will change in future. test --- test programs tools --- tool programs variations --- different variations of ScriptBasic variations/apacmodu --- Apache module version of ScriptBasic. This variation was never developed and this thread of the development is stopped. Instead the httpd variation should be used together with the Apache web server. variations/httpd --- Standalone web server variation. variations/standalone --- Standalone version that allows BASIC compile to C and link together with the runtime environment. variations/standard --- The standard command line variation. variations/win32dll --- Win32dll version that allows embedding of the program into WIN32 applications. This thread of the development was stopped and is not supported anymore. There are plans to support similar variations. variations/winisapi --- Variation that executes web programs as ISAPI application. This version is not supported any more. Laster it may revitalized.

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